Charter Trip to Fort Myers Florida

Ft Myers, FLCharter a jet – Fort Myers Florida.    Ok, It’s late November and it’s 28 degrees in Owensboro, Kentucky.    But, thank goodness we are crewing one of my jets I manage as the Director of Operations and heading to Fort Myers, Florida for a three day private jet charter.   We will pick up some folks out of Chattanooga Tennessee (My there’s a lot of double t’s, double o’s, s’s and n’s in all that ey?

Our private jet charter service swoops into CHA airport in Chattanooga and grabs the passengers bags and happy smiles and off we go for an hour and 45 minute flight to one of south Florida’s greatest private jet charter get ways.

Of Course, once again one of our crew members snuck off for lunch on the beach and took a photo for ole time sake.   Next time your cold and tired of the winter blah’s, give us a shout and secure your next private jet charter trip with us.   I’m sure you can think of somewhere warm and sunny to go.  Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Key West, Bahama’s….. ooohh, there’s a good one.    How bout the Bahama’s.     Hmmmm.  I’m dreaming about a private jet charter trip to the Bahama’s.    Live in the midwest?  It’s just a few fun hours in a private jet to the Bahama’s.    Get that Passport ready tho, it is international!  But, they love the US dollar and it’s pretty inexpensive to have a good time there.

Charter a jet – Fort Myers Florida

flight crew