Charter Trip to Fort Myers Florida

Charter a jet – Fort Myers Florida.    Ok, It’s late November and it’s 28 degrees in Owensboro, Kentucky.    But, thank goodness we are crewing one of my jets I manage as the Director of Operations and heading to Fort Myers, Florida for a three day private jet charter.   We will pick up […]

Charter to New York City

Charter a jet – New York City.  If you are flying into the US on an international flight we can pick you up and take you to all your U.S. destinations you need to visit during your stay.  We can fly our Private jet from the busiest airports in NY City including JFK (John F. […]

Private Air Charter – Owensboro, KY to St. Simmons Island, GA

Private Air Charter flight from Owensboro Kentucky to St. Simmons Island, Georgia.    With a quick stop in Knoxville, Tennessee to pick up another passenger on the way.   MidAmerica Jet offers so much flexibility.   We left Owensboro, Kentucky on a Sunday morning when the customer wanted to leave and we stopped along the […]

Private Jet Charter from Kentucky to San Diego, California

Private Jet Charter from Kentucky to San Diego, California.   Our private Jet aircraft are authorized to fly all over the 48 contiguous United States.   As well as Canada and the Caribbeans. Nothing goes better with a San Diego, California Yacht Club than Private Jet travel.

Private Jet Charter Service – Owensboro, KY to Destin, FL

Private Jet Charter Service is so convenient from the midwest to the gulf coast.  We flew one family during their fall break from the Northern Kentucky area to Destin Florida in just one hour and 20 minutes.   We took off at 8 am and had them checked into hotel and running onto the beach […]

Air Charter Service from St. Louis

Air Charter service from any St. Louis Area airport.  Whether it’s Spirit of St. Louis or Lambert or another.   We can fly private jet service out of St. Louis to most any where you want to go.