Private Air Charter – Owensboro, KY to St. Simmons Island, GA

LighthousePrivate Air Charter flight from Owensboro Kentucky to St. Simmons Island, Georgia.    With a quick stop in Knoxville, Tennessee to pick up another passenger on the way.   MidAmerica Jet offers so much flexibility.   We left Owensboro, Kentucky on a Sunday morning when the customer wanted to leave and we stopped along the way in Knoxville, Tennessee to pick up a third passenger and off we went on to the beautiful Atlantic coast of southern Georgia.

As one of the pilots I decided to take my own personal tour of the area during a 7 mile run.  Along the way I stumbled on some historic man made features that I thought I’d share with you.  An old historic Coast Gaurd Building and a beautiful light house.  There are so many great little eating spots too.  I’m glad I burned so many calories this morning because I’m going to take advantage of some fresh seafood and hush puppies.

Also, through the private airport we flew into, I managed to sneak in 18 holes of golf on a semi-private coarse.   The FBO we parked our jet at had arranged a special deal for me..  $25 bucks for a golf car and 18 holes.   I couldn’t beleive it.   I bet we can make a similar arrangement for our passengers if they requested a round of golf.   Just one of the many first class arrangements we look for to offer our customers.

flight crew