Private Jet Charter Service – Owensboro, KY to Destin, FL

Private Jet Charter Service is so convenient from the midwest to the gulf coast.  We flew one family during their fall break from the Northern Kentucky area to Destin Florida in just one hour and 20 minutes.   We took off at 8 am and had them checked into hotel and running onto the beach by 10 am.


They played and had fun while the other families were driving and driving and (you guessed it) still driving.   Another family took the airlines and (you guessed it) still traveling.  They had to drive two hours to airport, check in 1 hour early, board for 20 minutes, fly for an hour, deplane for 20 minutes, find their rental car and drive an hour from the “hub airport” to the real location they wanted to be.  Oh yeah, They left their Kentucky home at 6 am and finally made it to Destin by 5 pm that evening.  Well atleast they made it in time to meet their family friends for dinner.  Ya know them, the ones that took the Private Jet and were on the beach by 10 am.

Now the family that airlined bought 5 airline tickets for about  $4,000 total and had to spend two full travel days of about 12 hours each day coming and going.  Guess what.  The family that chartered the jet spent about 7,500 for the private jet but they got two completely extra full days to spend as a family in Sunny Destin Florida during the school break.  They were glad they spent the extra money to have the extra time as a family.  Plus they returned home refreshed not having that huge, draining travel day the other families had.

flight crew