3 Important Reasons Private Flying is Safer Than Commercial

Important Reasons To Fly Private is Safer than Commercial

Many people have many arguments about the pros and cons of choosing to fly private or commercial airlines these days. The first evaluation typically concerns the cost, but an increased need today is planning for safety. Many have concerns, both while flying on a private jet or commercial flights, but aren’t sure what all the variables are. There are many and diverse reasons to fly private, so let’s explore some important points of flying private safely. 

Private Jet Terminals Are Separate 

One of the important reasons to fly privately is that private plane terminals are different and separated from larger airports’ commercial terminals. You won’t have to wade through the masses to complete the stages of flying commercially. Large terminals with crowds of people dramatically increase the possibility of argument, crime, or violence occurring. 

Having few people in private plane terminals reduces the chance of exposure to the novel coronavirus and other illnesses. Getting sick on a fun vacation or having to adjust work calendars isn’t ideal. 

The passenger experience is another one of the important reasons to fly private. Private jet brokers and customs agents treat clients very well. Line service technicians at private jet terminals will take passenger bags directly from your car and give them to the plane’s pilots, who will immediately stow it on board. Fewer people in the process of handling your luggage reduces the likelihood of getting lost or damaged. 

Fast, Direct Flights to More Destinations

The majority of private jets are much smaller than the typical jumbo-size commercial plane. How does this benefit the private plane passenger? Because private jets are smaller, they’re able to fly into airports of all sizes. Private plane customers can plan direct non-stop flights to many more destination options worldwide than commercial passengers while avoiding layovers and avoiding crowds at multiple airports.

Familiar Friends, Common Crew

If you’re looking for more safe reasons to fly private, then it’s incredibly likely that you’re flying with people that you know, whether it’s family or business peers. Commercial flyers usually only submit necessary details about themselves, and you don’t know who is flying next to you. However, when flying on a private jet, the broker has a much better picture of who is flying, where and why they’re flying, and can evaluate people who may pose a threat- which is usually zero when flying private with familiar friends. 

The pilot crews for private jet charters are also carefully vetted and selected. Crew members with great attitudes and who take care of their guests well are the ones you’ll typically find here. When you pay to fly private, you want to have peace of mind that you’ll be treated exceptionally well and respected during your trip. 

Taking a trip on a private plane is safe and exciting. There are a lot of factors to evaluate when making your decision. Hopefully, you’ve learned a few of the reasons why flying private is safer than commercial.

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