Afraid of Airlines? There’s Always the Private Jet

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In an era of Covid-19 concern, many are rethinking commercial airline travel. Dealing with crowds, security hassles, regulatory changes, and assorted delays have left a large number of travelers open to exploring other means of travel, including private jet travel. The private jet industry has seen a sharp uptick in interest, with some private jet service providers citing booking increases of over 200 percent, with a surprising number of first-time private flight users. 

Avoiding Crowds is More Important Today 

With Covid-19 continuing to be a threat, travelers are less inclined to be in close physical contact with strangers for extended periods in confined spaces. Private planes allow travelers to avoid that. Private jet travel offers settings more akin to the roomy cabins, spacious seating, and assorted amenities that marked what has come to be known as the golden age of air travel. Social distancing is much easier on a private jet, an important reason more people are choosing to fly private jets today. 

Private flights allow travelers to avoid the crowded confines of the typical airport. Even when private planes use these airports, travelers who fly private jets don’t go through the airport’s central part to board. Private jet service flights typically depart from a private terminal. There’s no standing in long security lines when flying via private jet, taking shoes off, and other inconveniences. Crowd exposure is significantly reduced with private planes. 

 Private Jet Travel Is Less Stressful, More Enjoyable 

It can be far more time-efficient to fly private jets as travelers can schedule private flights when they need them. Private flights have fewer people, making them easier to manage. There’s no need to arrive hours before private flights, as boarding, baggage, and security procedures are so much more streamlined. A private jet can be an ideal way to travel with children. Many people find private jet service to be an excellent choice for family vacations. 

Comfortable spaces and high-end amenities are features typical of the private jet service experience. People choose to fly private jets because they are clean and offer a more personalized type of service. Private planes aren’t so rigid about what can and can’t be brought aboard, further ensuring traveler comfort and convenience. Private jet travel is as close as travelers can get to the golden era of airline travel’s quality and customer service standards.

Private Jet Service For Business or Pleasure 

Private planes offer unparalleled flexibility in travel planning, making private jet travel the ideal choice for business or pleasure. It’s no wonder so many people are choosing to fly private jets when they travel today. A private jet can be more affordable than you think when factoring in the cost of business class or first class and the multitude of inconveniences and risks that commercial airline travelers have to contend with during their travels, particularly when traveling outside of the destinations favored by the largest airlines.

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