8 of the Busiest Airports in The World


Millions of passengers fly through hubs in Europe, Asia, and the United States each year, with Dubai, London, Paris, and Tokyo airports among the busiest in the world. Obviously, 2020 was not a normal year, and air traffic plummeted substantially due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to Airports Council International (ACI), overall passenger traffic at […]

Etiquette Guide For Flying A Private Jet

Etiquette Guide For Flying A Private Jet

Often referred to as “new-age travel,” private jet flying is becoming common among wealthy individuals and executives. More and more people are showing preference to private flight traveling instead of regular commercial airlines. With their schedules clogged with business, these individuals cannot afford to be stuck in long lines, cramped seats, or be subjected to […]

How to Prepare For Your First Private Jet Flight

How to Prepare For Your First Private Jet Flight

The first time you fly on a private jet can be an intimidating experience. You may have seen them in the sky and wondered what it would be like to board one for your next trip. Perhaps you’ve flown commercial before but are interested in experiencing something different for your next flight? This post will […]

What You Need to Know About Renting Private Jets

What You Need to Know About Renting Private Jets

Flying business or first class is super convenient, especially if you’re a business executive that travels often—you get a lot of fantastic perks that make your travel as comfortable as possible. But a private jet charter comes with a slew of advantages that you won’t find, even in first class. Here are the top 5 […]

5 Reasons To Fly Private For Business

Reasons To Fly Private For Business

For high-ranking executives, traveling privately for business purposes can be the best option they can make for their company. These kinds of business trips have numerous advantages that will benefit your organization in the long run. Flying private is far more comfortable than riding commercial airlines. These are just some of the advantages of flying […]

Benefits of Flying Private vs. First Class

An Pic From MidAmerica Jet A Private Jet Charter Service Agency In Nashville, TN. | Contact MidAmerica Jet Now For The Best Private Jet Charter Services In Nashville, Tennessee.}

Flying minimizes the hours spent traveling and optimizes the time spent at your destination. The million-dollar question is how you fly. Flight service companies provide several flying options to meet the sophisticated needs of their clients. When traveling by air, it is critical maximizing the diversity of choice to ensure you can enjoy the pinnacle […]

Will More People Fly Private After Coronavirus?

People Fly Private After Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed the way passengers travel. Some travelers are ditching aircraft cabins and crowded terminals for a private jet.  Interestingly, MidAmerica Jet, a private jet charter company, has continued to report a surge in demand among new travelers. This trend is likely to continue after the COVID-19 pandemic, and here’s what’s causing the growing […]

10 Reasons Families Fly by Private Jet Charter

Families Fly by Private Jet Charters

You’ve researched how to fly private, and you realize it has lots of benefits. You still aren’t sure if you should hire a private jet for your family, though. Go over some benefits of a family jet charter to see why this is the ideal way to travel.  Less Waiting When You Charter and Fly […]

3 Important Reasons Private Flying is Safer Than Commercial

Important Reasons To Fly Private is Safer than Commercial

Many people have many arguments about the pros and cons of choosing to fly private or commercial airlines these days. The first evaluation typically concerns the cost, but an increased need today is planning for safety. Many have concerns, both while flying on a private jet or commercial flights, but aren’t sure what all the […]

6 Reasons Why You Should Fly Private

Reasons Why You Should Fly Private

Whether flying for business or a vacation, flying private is the most comfortable and convenient way to reach your destination. When people hear about flying private, the first thing that comes to their minds is celebrities and multimillionaires. The good thing is, private jets are becoming popular among frequent travelers, entrepreneurs, and families. While flying […]