Etiquette Guide For Flying A Private Jet

Etiquette Guide For Flying A Private Jet

Often referred to as “new-age travel,” private jet flying is becoming common among wealthy individuals and executives. More and more people are showing preference to private flight traveling instead of regular commercial airlines. With their schedules clogged with business, these individuals cannot afford to be stuck in long lines, cramped seats, or be subjected to frequent delays and cancellation of flights that happen on scheduled commercial airlines. Corporate executives have realized that they can save money by either chartering their planes or using those offered by companies that provide this type of service.

Flying private jets is now getting popular among people from all walks of life.  From the typical person who wishes to avoid the inevitable hassles in commercial airlines to celebrities flying for their comfort,  there are many reasons why one should consider taking out a private jet charter. 

There are also specific rules and etiquette which need to be followed when traveling aboard a private jet: 

1) Dressing code –   Even if you have hired or availed of the services of a private jet for your travel purpose, it’s good manners to dress well. Dress so that you can blend into the general atmosphere without being too over-dressed either. Flying on any mode of travel is never the best way to spend your valuable time commuting and dress so that you are not lost in thoughts about how you should have dressed if you were traveling by a more accessible mode of transport.

2)  Greeting people with a smile –   It’s always nice to be greeted by a smile from the employees who work at private jet terminals. You will find them more helpful, too, if you start on a good note! 

3) Comfortable clothes for travel –   Unlike in commercial flights, where traveling in jeans and a T-shirt might land you up in trouble, it’s advisable to wear comfortable clothing when flying on personal jets. The dress code while boarding often differs from airline to airline, so it is best to ask beforehand.  It’s also important that you check out  for any specific details  about the  dress code  once you are at the airport and make sure to follow them  to avoid any trouble

4) Arrive early at the airport –   Just like with commercial flights, private jets, too, need an ample amount of time for boarding before takeoff. So if you want a relaxed experience when traveling on your jet, be sure to arrive at the terminal well in advance.  

5) Bring a good book –   You may be wondering what happens if you get bored during the flight? There might not be any movies or television channels available on your private jet, but you can always bring some good reading material to pass the time. Remember that a flight attendant will never let you read when the jet is in the air, but if you start reading before takeoff, you can continue as soon as your jet takes off and lands on a private runway.

6) Keep it clean –   Also, remember that although your jet is considered a luxury mode of travel, passengers are still expected to keep things tidy. So keep all bags with you instead of leaving them floating around while not using them, and make sure to dispose of your trash after use. The last thing that anyone wants to do during their vacation or business trip is spending

7) Seatback, seat belt  –  During takeoff and landing, also remember to keep your seatbelt fastened at all times as well as your chair in the upright position. You don’t want to be that one person that ruins everyone else’s trip with a silly safety rule violation.

8) Relax  –  If you’re going on a private jet for business purposes, try to relax during flight so you can get some work done while airborne (don’t forget those handy dandy headphones if you need silence). However, when flying for pleasure, trying to catch some sleep is probably not the best route, with many more exciting things out there, such as getting drinks or ordering food to keep you company.  But if the time does come when you feel like putting your head down, try to remember that it is impolite to lean or lounge too far back in your seat as this can make it difficult for other passengers not to mention the fact that you might block some of the overhead compartments. Also, be careful how you sit when sitting with crossed legs could cause you to lose balance and fall out of your seat.

9) No smoking on aircraft, private or otherwise – While some may see this rule as a bit outdated, most people (especially those who don’t smoke) think it is polite because smoking on an aircraft will put a damper on your fellow passengers’  enjoyment of their flight.  This rule can be broken under certain circumstances, but if you do smoke, try to do so in a respectful manner.

10) Try to minimize your cell phone use throughout the flight – Even though it has become commonplace for people to utilize their cell phones while flying private jets, some etiquettes should still be observed. Many prefer not to hear the ringtone or hear you talk into your cell phone because it feels like you are getting more attention than them, and it is quite an unpleasant experience.


We hope that these ten tips have helped you prepare for your first flight on a jet. If not, we’d be happy to help with more information about flying in jets or any other questions you might have! Please contact us, and they will be able to answer all of your queries.

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