Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to follow customs/immigration when traveling on an international jet charter?

The answer is YES. You still need to follow customs/immigration, whether or not you are traveling on an international jet charter. The process is the same as it is when flying commercially. 

Do I still need to bring a passport when traveling privately?

When boarding on an international private jet charter, you must bring your passport and visa with you. Although traveling on a private jet is one of the grandest ways to travel, you still need to follow specific regulations and procedures.

Are international private jet charters safe?

MidAmerica Jet ensures the safety of all our staff and passengers. We have secured an exceptional safety record for many years and abide by all precautionary safety measures required. Our clients continually choose to trust us for the quality of service that we provide.

Can I Book Last Minute Flights?

Booking last-minute charter flights is possible with MidAmerica Jet. Our qualified staff is going to take care of and guide you through the process. You can easily reach us by phone, through e-mail, or simply book a flight online.  

Am I allowed to transport weapons on an international private jet charter?

Yes, you can; however, it is extremely important to understand the rules and regulations when flying with weapons – whether concealed or tucked inside your baggage. At MidAmerica, we strictly follow safety protocols, rules, and regulations imposed by the authorities.

Are pets allowed on a private jet charter?

Pets are welcome on board. We do our best to accommodate all travelers, including our furry loved ones. Just make sure to consult with your veterinarian before proceeding on any planned trip with your pets.

Are minors allowed to travel alone on a private jet?

Unaccompanied minors are welcome to travel with MidAmerica Jets. However, we will need them or their guardians to follow specific guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone: 

  1. A notarized consent that is duly signed by both parents. 
  2. Legitimate permit of whoever is allowed to pick up the minor at the arrival destination.

Are the COVID-19 safety precautions being taken?

In line with the surge of Coronavirus cases all over the world, everyone at MidAmerica Jet is required to follow and impose COVID-19 safety protocols strictly. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved.

We wear face masks all the time, and we ensure that the entire aircraft is thoroughly sanitized. Additionally, we provide proper customer care to ensure the private flight experience is enjoyable despite the current global phenomenon.

Are there hidden charges or additional costs per private jet passenger?

No, there will be no hidden charges or additional costs per private jet passenger. The cost of our private charter service is based on the hours spent on the trip, not on the number of persons on board. Our success through the years is rooted in transparency and ultimate customer care, so you can always trust us to be honest with our pricing.

How to determine the right aircraft for my travel purpose?

MidAmerica Jet does more than book your private flight and organize your itinerary. Our aircraft charter professionals will be able to assist you in choosing the right aircraft for your travel purpose.

Do private jet charters land at the same airports as commercial airlines?

Private jet charters use the same airports that commercial airlines are using. Unlike most commercial airlines, private jets have access to more than 7,000 airports, including the major commercial airports. This allows private jet passengers to avoid unanticipated inconveniences.

How to get to my private jet charter flight?

It’s relatively simple, especially with the help of MidAmerica Jet. Once you are able to have a conversation with our booking agents, they will guide you in choosing the right aircraft for your travel needs. From there, your appropriate departure airport will be arranged.

Do I have to arrive really early at the airport when flying privately?

No, you do not have to arrive early. The advantage of private charter travel is that the aircraft is flexible at any time for your travel needs.

How much luggage am I allowed to take with me when flying on a jet charter?

It depends on the type of aircraft you are chartering, and it may also depend on the type of luggage you wish to carry with you. Each aircraft has a different capacity and luggage allowance, but you can always request clarification on this matter when booking a private flight with MidAmerica Jet.

What meal options are available on a private jet charter?

We offer a traditional menu that includes common beverages and snacks. Any additional meal catering is available upon request.