Aircraft Inspections & Repairs


When it comes to aircraft inspections and repairs, you want to use the services of a company that will pour as much time and investment into the aircraft as you, as the owner, have. This is where MidAmerica Aircraft Services can help. With a staff consisting of the most qualified and experienced maintenance personnel, there is not a job that we cannot handle. Whether you utilize your aircraft for business-related purposes or personal enjoyment, our goal is to keep your aircraft operating safely and efficiently so that you can fly with a clear conscious as to the mechanical conditions of the aircraft.

Cirrus Authorized Service Center

MidAmerica Aircraft Services is now an Authorized Cirrus Service Center (CSC)! Being trusted by one of the most innovative aircraft manufacturers to offer factory service and repairs of their aircraft should give you piece of mind that your aircraft is in the RIGHT hands. From the first oil change to an engine overhaul and everywhere in between, we have the knowledge, experience, and training to make your Cirrus ownership a satisfactory experience.

A few of the many services we offer…

Just a few of the many Brands we service…

Why Fly Private With Us


If there's one best reason that one should consider a private flight, it's time. Big companies usually prefer traveling through private aircraft because time is more valuable to them than any money. Time is everything for big corporations. For that reason, they despise having to spend a lot of time booking and dealing with delayed flights, compromising their presence in important business conferences. If you value time over anything, it's best to travel with us and ensure that you are where you should be on time.

SAFETY IS Our #1 Priority

Our safety record testifies for our leadership and commitment to the best safety practices and policies, comprising several aspects of the safe operation from examination to quality maintenance before and after each flight.


Do you want to know why our clients keep choosing to fly with us? It's because of our completely hassle-free and convenient services. We understand how stressful traveling can be, especially with unanticipated delayed flights, long traffic, struggling to find parking spots, and getting through security each time. We want your traveling experience to be as comfortable, convenient, and luxurious as can be.


Business is a fast-moving world, so for big corporations, flexibility is extremely important. Time passes by quickly for them, and they do not have a second to spare for unnecessary delays. Our services are intended to accommodate such needs. We offer all-inclusive rates, ensuring that our business passengers' demands are met.


In commercial flights, passengers can get crammed into an airline seat and encounter many inconveniences that may hinder them from doing important work. Our business travelers/passengers' love that we provide airborne offices that don't feel different from those on the ground. Your privacy and productivity are important to us, so we make sure that you have a safe space to have sensitive or confidential discussions away from prying eyes and ears.


As professionals, we understand what it is like to hire many agencies to accomplish some basic tasks. That is why we are offering a full range of aircraft services.



Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Management

Aircraft Maintenance


Aircraft maintenance involves a range of services to ensure the safety and performance of the aircraft. This includes routine inspections, preventive maintenance, repair services, and compliance with FAA regulations and manufacturer’s specifications.

The frequency of maintenance depends on various factors, including the type of aircraft, the aircraft’s age, usage, and specific manufacturer guidelines. However, specific maintenance schedules mandated by the FAA must be adhered to, such as annual inspections and others that occur after a certain number of flight hours or cycles.

When looking for a reliable aircraft maintenance provider, it’s important to consider their certifications, experience, services, and reputation in the industry. Asking for recommendations from other aircraft owners or pilots can also be helpful.

The cost of aircraft maintenance can vary greatly depending on the type of aircraft, the scope of the maintenance required, and the rates of the service provider. Regular maintenance costs can be part of your budget for aircraft operation, while unexpected repairs might be additional costs.

Yes, many aircraft maintenance services can also handle upgrades and modifications. This can range from installing new avionics systems to interior refurbishments. However, all modifications must comply with FAA regulations, and in many cases, specific approval may be needed.

Areas We Serve

MidAmerica Jet is located and provides convenient luxury private travel services to Owensboro, and the surrounding areas including; Nashville, TN, Evansville, IN, Bowling Green, KY, Gallatin, TN, &, etc

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