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Enjoy the benefits of premium private air travel

Enjoy the benefits of premium private air travel without the long term commitment of ownership or leasing. Fly with our larger or smaller cabin aircraft on any given day to make each trip enjoyable, and we will be sure to cater to your immediate needs.

Once you book a flight with MidAmerica Jet, our team will take care of every detail, such as scheduling everything – from catering meals for you at either end of your travel, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations. You only need to let us know how we can make your trip better, and you can be sure we will have it done.

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What are the benefits of a membership jet card?

Jet Card memberships are designed to serve the clients that have a need to travel on a more frequent basis. In prepaying a predetermined amount, you lock in pilot rates lower than advertised as well as pay actual costs instead of estimated. In addition, you’ll be able to reserve aircraft on a priority basis farther in advance. Take advantage of a private terminal, a friendly team that accounts for every detail of your travel plans, and pilots you know and trust.

Why Fly Private With Us


If there's one best reason that one should consider a private flight, it's time. Big companies usually prefer traveling through private aircraft because time is more valuable to them than any money. Time is everything for big corporations. For that reason, they despise having to spend a lot of time booking and dealing with delayed flights, compromising their presence in important business conferences. If you value time over anything, it's best to travel with us and ensure that you are where you should be on time.

SAFETY IS Our #1 Priority

Our safety record testifies for our leadership and commitment to the best safety practices and policies, comprising several aspects of the safe operation from examination to quality maintenance before and after each flight.


Do you want to know why our clients keep choosing to fly with us? It's because of our completely hassle-free and convenient services. We understand how stressful traveling can be, especially with unanticipated delayed flights, long traffic, struggling to find parking spots, and getting through security each time. We want your traveling experience to be as comfortable, convenient, and luxurious as can be.


Business is a fast-moving world, so for big corporations, flexibility is extremely important. Time passes by quickly for them, and they do not have a second to spare for unnecessary delays. Our services are intended to accommodate such needs. We offer all-inclusive rates, ensuring that our business passengers' demands are met.


In commercial flights, passengers can get crammed into an airline seat and encounter many inconveniences that may hinder them from doing important work. Our business travelers/passengers' love that we provide airborne offices that don't feel different from those on the ground. Your privacy and productivity are important to us, so we make sure that you have a safe space to have sensitive or confidential discussions away from prying eyes and ears.


As professionals, we understand what it is like to hire many agencies to accomplish some basic tasks. That is why we are offering a full range of aircraft services.



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The answer is YES. You still need to follow customs/immigration, whether or not you are traveling on an international jet charter. The process is the same as it is when flying commercially.
When boarding on an international private jet charter, you must bring your passport and visa with you. Although traveling on a private jet is one of the grandest ways to travel, you still need to follow specific regulations and procedures.
MidAmerica Jet ensures the safety of all our staff and passengers. We have secured an exceptional safety record for many years and abide by all precautionary safety measures required. Our clients continually choose to trust us for the quality of service that we provide.
Booking a last-minute charter flight is possible with MidAmerica Jet. Our qualified staff is going to take care of and guide you through the process. You can easily reach us by phone, through e-mail, or simply book a flight online.

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