Owensboro Daviess County Regional Airport (OWB)

Welcome to the MidAmerica Jet FBO

MidAmerica Jet is a private jet charter service that makes air travel a comfortable and luxurious experience. Since 1980, our customers have made countless memorable holidays around the country through our impeccable service. We have staff committed to excellence and perfection, professional flight crews who will assure a safe, convenient, and seamless journey wherever you may want to be.

Located just off the Runway
Competitive Fuel Rates

MidAmerica offers Full Service Fuel Delivery of 100LL and JetA. Our fuel pricing is competitively priced, and you’ll always receive excellent service from our experienced linemen.

Pilots Lounge

In-between flights and during long stops, it’s nice to have a relaxing place for pilots to unwind. Our Pilots Lounge is well suited for just that. With big, comfy chairs, and access to cable television and internet, you’ll be rested up and ready to go again when needed. You can even dim the lights to get adjusted before a long night flight if needed.

Flight Planning Center

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the FBO is a complimentary Flight Planning Center, where you’ll find access to local and national weather information, route planning necessities, and telephone/computer access.

Complimentary Shuttle Vehicle

Grabbing a bite to eat between flights is often a necessity, and we can provide you with a ride to get it. MidAmerica provides it’s customers a shuttle vehicle which can be checked out for short periods of time to visit local restaurants or get supplies.

Overnight Hangar Space Available

Like to keep your aircraft safely hangared? We do too. We can place your aircraft safely in one of our spacious hangars upon request.

Comfort & Luxury that’ll make you feel at home.

Our spacious and well-furnished FBO has always received compliments from visitors passing through. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick fill up, or will be resting here several hours, we’ll try our best to make you comfortable.
Our Pilot’s lounge is fully furnished with comfortable seating, cable television, a flight planning center, and even complimentary coffee. And someone is usually available at the front desk to help you with any requests you may have.