Will More People Fly Private After Coronavirus?

People Fly Private After Coronavirus

Coronavirus has changed the way passengers travel. Some travelers are ditching aircraft cabins and crowded terminals for a private jet. 

Interestingly, MidAmerica Jet, a private jet charter company, has continued to report a surge in demand among new travelers.

This trend is likely to continue after the COVID-19 pandemic, and here’s what’s causing the growing interest in private jet travel. 

Heightened Safety Measures

Private charter jet companies have increased their safety measures in response to the global pandemic. For instance, every cabin and cockpit are disinfected and cleaned thoroughly after every flight.

Also, all airplanes have enough face masks and hand sanitizers for crew members and passengers. 

MidAmerica Jet, a private jet charter company, has even gone the extra mile of treating its ground facilities and all aircraft with a unique antimicrobial that protects against COVID-19. 

Inconveniencies Associated with Commercial Flight

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most travelers perceived private jet as a luxurious way of traveling reserved for rich people. 

However, with growing safety concerns and travel restrictions, this segment of passengers now prefers a private jet’s secure traveling way.

These passengers also prefer private jet to avoid several touchpoints familiar with commercial travel. 

Some of these travelers may not continue flying private jet charters when they realize commercial aviation is also looking for ways to make their aircraft safe. However, others may continue on an occasional basis.

Affordable Entry Cost

A private jet charter was also affected by the pandemic, which made some fleet operators lower prices for their most demanded jets. 

Although most private aircraft is owned by a private jet charters company that rents them when they’re not in use, there are also several owned fleets. 

These fleet owners rented their private jet charter at a discounted price during the COVID-19 pandemic, making the offer attractive to first-time flyers. 

Moreover, MidAmerica Jet, a private jet charter company, launched an enticing program (pay-as-you-go membership). It requires passengers to pay a small joining fee and then enjoy flights at a fixed price. 

Diverse Services

Some passengers are willing to pay for the flexibility offered by a private jet charters. For example, unlike commercial flights, you can depart from any airport with a charter jet and even choose the aircraft you want to fly in. 

A private jet charter also offers flexibility to states with repatriation flights, cargo jets, and humanitarian missions. 

This diversification has enabled different players to maintain their operations and many private jet charter flight hours.

Turboprops Preference

First-time travelers prefer Turboprops as they’re the most affordable option for a charter jet. They’re cost-effective for shorter routes, not exceeding three hours.

Additionally, single and double engine turboprops are the perfect transition from commercial aircraft. 

Passengers can choose who they want to travel with, escape crowded airports, and enjoy a comfortable charter jet.

Wrap Up

A charter jet has passed all the regulations imposed by the coronavirus pandemic demystifying what commercial travelers thought before. As a result, a private jet charter company will continue to enjoy a high demand after COVID-19.

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