How do Private Jet Charters Work

Chartering an aircraft implies hiring the plane and pilot from the operator. This is also known as A-B Charter. When you charter an airplane, you get the whole thing to yourself. You’re not sharing with anyone else. So the plane can’t be used for anything else during your charter.

The Charter Operator is the organization that provides the pilots and flies your private jet. They must meet strict regulatory criteria and may be subject to CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) evaluation. Operators are professional businesses that must maintain high standards in their workforce, methods, and operations.

Your Charter Broker or Operator selects aircraft that meet your needs. How many passengers, flying distance, airstrip suitability, and preferred travel class are all relevant criteria. When you inquire about airplane charter, you are bombarded with questions.

One of the main advantages of aircraft charter is Exclusive Use. This means you own the itinerary and are not sharing it with strangers.

The Operator cannot use your charter jet for other private flights while you have it. A waiting charge may be applied if there is a delay between arrival and departure. Keep in mind this while chartering an airplane.

How much does an aircraft charter cost?

The cost of chartering an aircraft is determined by several factors. If you make an inquiry, you will be asked the following questions:

How many passengers?

A 10 seater costs more than a 4 seater, so you want to make sure 

Where are we going?

This will give us the flying distance, which directly affects the cost.

Any pit stops?

One advantage of chartering is the freedom to travel. Each landing and takeoff must be factored in.

When is the return trip?

Because the charter aircraft must return to its base, all waiting charges such as parking and pilot lodging must be included.

It’s always a Round Trip: The cost of returning the charter aircraft to its home base is included in the fare. It costs the same whether or not passengers travel both ways. Prices for one-way and round-trip flights are the same.

Which Travel Class?

VIP treatment, best value, or something in between? Larger planes cost more for the same A-B distance. Fly in Economy, Business or VIP/Luxury.

Price per passenger:

The excellent news! The cost is for the entire plane, therefore divide by the number of people!


Availability of aircraft is critical while chartering an aircraft. Aircraft are costly to purchase and operate. Just sitting on the ground costs the Operator money! In order to assure availability, consumers must be first in, best dressed. Operators cannot afford to “hold” a plane for a decision maker. If another confirmed booking comes in, they will accept it immediately.

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