How much does it cost to buy a jet

Even though it is getting easier to acquire a private aircraft, the price of a brand new private plane may range anywhere from $3 million for a tiny seven-passenger Cirrus Vision to $660 million for an Air Force One. And the purchase price is by no means the only expense involved; you’ll also need to take in maintenance costs, fuel costs, and salaries for the employees. Find out all you can about the price of a private jet and the several ways you may pay for it before you start looking at options.

How much do jets cost?

If you are considering purchasing a private jet, you have the option of purchasing either a brand-new or a pre-owned aircraft. A new aircraft will provide you with access to the most recent technological advancements; but, the cheaper price point of a secondhand jet is due to its older amenities.

There are also a few distinct categories of jets, which may vary from little aircraft with a range of just a few hundred miles to enormous airliners that are capable of crossing great distances. The most typical jet options offered include:

Very light jets: The most compact choice for private jets. Capable of carrying anywhere from four to seven passengers, these aircraft have a maximum range of around three hours. Prices begin at $1.5 million and may reach as high as $5.5 million, depending on the kind of property purchased.

Light jets: These jets are somewhat larger than the very light jets but are still quite small. They have the capacity to transport up to eight people and are equipped with a toilet. The purchase price of a light jet may vary from around $900,000 to roughly $6 million.

Midsize business jets: Midsize business jets are able to accommodate around five hours’ worth of flying time at one time, making them suitable for both short and medium-range journeys. In addition to having greater capacity for storage, midsize jets also feature a bigger cabin that can normally accommodate between five and ten passengers, as well as a crew that consists of two pilots and a flight attendant. There is a wide variety of price points available, from $9.9 million to $20 million.

The cabin area and flying range of super mid jets are both increased when compared to smaller aircraft, and these jets are also capable of traveling at a somewhat higher speed. When purchased brand new, these airplanes may cost anywhere from $5.4 million to 26.7 million.

Heavy business jets: These have a large amount of additional room, are able to seat at least 10 people, and boast facilities such as pull-out tabletops and fully-equipped kitchens. Heavy business jets are also known as “big jets.” Prices for heavy business jets begin at around $27 million and may reach a maximum of $39 million.

Extremely Long Range Jets: They have adequate space to function as in-flight hotel rooms. They have mattresses that are the size of a full and plenty of space to move about, and they have the capacity to carry up to 17 people for a distance of up to 6,500 miles. For an ultra-long-range heavy jet, you may anticipate paying anything from $35 million to $62 million as the typical price.

Airliners: The most opulent and spacious choice for private aircraft; on board, airliners may offer amenities such as a complete toilet or a cocktail bar. Airliners are also the most expensive alternative. They are also capable of traveling for more than 10 hours at a time. Airliners are also the most expensive alternative, with prices ranging anywhere from $418.4 million to $500 million for various variants.

The amenities and personalization options that you choose for the aircraft might also have an impact on the final price. Plan owners have the option of purchasing bespoke furnishings, having their space decorated personally, and even switching to a different room.

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